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    • TutorWise reserves the right to set, review and vary its tuition fees without notice. You are required to pay the tuition fee for each month/term in full prior to commencing the classes. Note: You don’t have to pay any course fee or deposit to avail our demo class.
    • No refunds are given under any circumstances.
    • We Offer 10% discount for 12 weeks (Term) enrolments
      Please Note: Rates below are per hour per subject
    1. Year K to 6
      4 weeks enrolment – $25
      12 weeks enrolment – $22.5
    2. Year 6 to 10
      4 weeks enrolment – $30
      12 weeks enrolment – $27
    3. HSC(Year 11, 12)
      4 weeks enrolment – $35
      12 weeks enrolment – $31.5
    • Students are expected to attend all classes. However, If a child can’t attend a class due to any reasons, the parent would need to inform TutorWise at least 4 hours prior to the class start timings. Failing to do so, TutorWise will charge for the class missed due to any reasons.
    • TutorWise reserves the right to reschedule or cancel classes by giving a prior notice via text or Whatsapp messages on the Parent’s provided mobile numbers above.
    • Parents are liable to inform TutorWise of any change in address or phone numbers.
    • TutorWise will conduct an oral and/or written assessment of a child before enrolling him/her for tutoring and reserves the right to accept or refuse enrolment. TutorWise can refuse the enrolment without having to provide a reason for the same. Successful assessment doesn’t guarantee enrolment under any circumstances.
    • TutorWise doesn’t hold any responsibility for any injury or harm caused to a child during the tutoring sessions due to pre-existing medical conditions or due to a child playing at the premises. It is up to the parent to ensure that the child is given proper medication prior to attending classes at TutorWise.
    • TutorWise doesn’t have special arrangements for disabled or children with special needs and hence wouldn’t be able to assess or provide tutoring to such children.
    • All teachers at TutorWise have a valid Working With Children Check (WWCC) and are cleared by NSW Government to work with children in both volunteer and paid roles.
    • TutorWise is a registered business under the Australian Securities and Investments Commission’s (ASIC) register under section 33(8) of the Business Names Registration Act 2011.

    ABN: 98461107232

    • TutorWise doesn’t guarantee that any student will successfully achieve desired grades or scores in the subjects tutored.
    • TutorWise will not disclose your information to any 3rd parties but reserves the right to use particular information, including but not limited to, your name, gender, age, photo (if provided).
    • Any breach of terms and conditions mentioned herein or revised and announced by TutorWise from time to time, may result in the termination of the student’s enrolment, with or without notice.
    • All complaints must be sent as an email to [email protected] in writing.
    • If the complaint concerns a criminal offense, TutorWise is obliged to inform NSW Police immediately.
    • In an event where false, inaccurate, or misleading information is provided, TutorWise reserves the right to cancel the enrolment.
    • This signed form constitutes a written agreement between the Parent and TutorWise.
    • Parents can be contacted by TutorWise or its contractor/s in connection with this application by text message, email, or other electronic means and that parents may, at any time, opt out of being contacted by any such electronic means by informing TutorWise to that effect in writing.


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